Simultaneous Interpreting Services

What is simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous Interpreting is a highly skilled, high-pressure form of interpreting whereby the linguist interprets at the same time as the speaker. It is most suited to long speeches, usually during international conferences, forums and presentations. Specialist equipment is used to enable seamless interpretation. We’ve provided simultaneous services at key conference hotspots including London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and globally too.

Given that simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration, our operations team will supply two interpreters per language required and the linguists take a break periodically and swap with each other seamlessly.

It’s best to give us as much advance notification as you can in booking, which will give us time to find the best-suited interpreters for the focus of your event. We will pass on any pre-information to the interpreters in advance, which often includes project briefs, summaries of speeches, presentations, etc. so that they can familiarise themselves with any particularly specialist vocabulary, terms and phrases.

We can provide the necessary equipment for any number of event delegates, including earpieces, headsets, microphones, soundproof booths wherever your event is held. The equipment is standard across industry and our interpreters are well-versed in its use, meaning no hiccups in the programming of your event.

Read our Case Study

We provided simultaneous interpreting for a Cross-Channel Policy Forum at Southampton Solent University. Click the button to read in full.

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Waheeda is our Interpreting Manager and heads up an amazing operations team fulfilling thousands of interpreting bookings a month. She and her team will make sure you get the best-qualified, most experienced interpreters for your event and that it’ll go without a hitch.

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