How Telephone Interpreting and Transcription can help remote workers

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Protecting Your Global Business Continuity.

I remember the concept of remote working being heralded during the late 80’s and early 90’s as the next new trend, although its take-up not been overly fast. It has been greatly facilitated by technological advances, but the arrival of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is making it a reality now for many, even if we do not welcome working at the kitchen table.

With many companies imposing a ban on going into the office and global business travel on-hold; for the time-being at least, smart organisations are adapting quickly, by conducting conferences and meetings by tele-conferencing or video-conferencing.

What is the impact on global business?

Obviously if you can’t travel, you may not be forming relationships with your customers, suppliers and colleagues, nor gleaning their business intelligence and product or service needs. Doing business is going to get that bit harder.

A silver lining?

While organisations will find adapting to this disruption in the short term inconvenient, in the long run, it could help to streamline the business and reduce operating costs.


Language solutions for remote workers

PROBLEM: Conference/event/lectures cancelled?

SOLUTION: Translate your written communications into key languages and email them or add to your website for your audience.

SOLUTION: Video your presentations and key-note speeches. We can add translated voice-over / dubbing and subtitles.

Or if finding a longer-term solution makes business sense, we can provide real-time conferencing with instant on-screen interpreting in a host of languages.

PROBLEM: Can’t attend meetings abroad with foreign-language speakers

SOLUTION: Telephone interpreting can be arranged at very short notice, has no cancellation fees, is cost effective with no travel expenses and you can choose from a huge range of languages. It does not involve any face-to-face meeting, so is perfect if you are quarantined, but you can still build those all-important relationships and keep your business running.

PROBLEM: The person who normally meets international clients is off sick

SOLUTION: When a stand-in has to attend a face-to-face meeting, and doesn’t speak the language, ask us about renting our secure pocket-sized interpreter. No, it’s not a small person, it’s about the size of a mobile phone which will interpret over 100 languages for you. It has the benefits of being secure so your conversations are not being shared with the wrong people, and because your conversations are stored in the cloud, you can review them in both languages at a later date.

PROBLEM: You need your minutes / calls / conversations transcribed

SOLUTION: We can offer transcription services in lots of variants: Audio or video recordings; secure onsite locked-room environment with encrypted data transfer, or less secure, but still safe-enough for most needs; in a single language such as English or translated and transcribed; full, intelligent verbatim or summary transcription. Ad-hoc and contracted high-volume transcription undertaken.

PROBLEM: Your markets are shrinking

SOLUTION: Open yourself up to new ones. By translating your website into other languages (also known as localisation), it will make your offering more appealing to foreign-speakers and potential customers. Great for service industries at present, where personal delivery is not required eg e-learning, but also a good long term strategy for producers and manufacturers too. We can not-only localise your website for you, but can also offer cost-effective solutions for translating your product catalogue quickly and cost-effectively for Amazon home and global markets (FBA). You may be surprised how little input you need to have in this project, as we have the expertise and website connectors to facilitate this.

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Prestige Network have the language solutions you may need over the next few months, but make sure that you grasp the opportunities before your competition does and protect yourself and your organisation for the future. Get a quote or discuss your requirements.