INSIGHT: How much? How long? The questions that everyone asks

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Here’s how to manage your cost and your time

The days of fragmented workflows have long gone. Workflow integration is the answer to the perennial ‘how much?’ and ‘how long will it take?’ questions.

Imagine that you have just created a new product brochure or catalogue; expertly designed and written. But now you have an imperative to roll it out to your overseas markets.

Once upon a time you may have sent the text content out to your translation provider and then relied on your design company to laboriously copy and paste the translations back into the artwork files.

This approach could take some while and cost a considerable amount.

But integration of the processes can relieve pressure on your budget and get your marketing or technical assets into market far faster.

And with a lot less hassle.

This is how it works:

What about quality?

Today, any translation provider worth their salt should be able to provide design-studio quality artwork in all languages.

The primary responsibility of any Languages Service Provider should to protect the client’s brand. Not only in the translation, but throughout the process, delivering on-brand communications that comply with the client’s brand criteria, TOV and design guidelines.

Eliminating laborious copy and paste routines allows valuable budget and time to be dedicated to important quality management activities.

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