HR circus juggling your language service needs

Abracadabra! Solving the HR and Recruitment challenge

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We all know that it’s not really magic, it’s really all about having the best resources available, when they are needed.

Having Prestige Network as your very own magician’s assistant means that you’re covered for a wide range of tasks and jobs, but without having to try to find multi-talented in-house staff to juggle their other projects. It’s starting to sound like a circus, and we know that it can feel like it at times, which is why we can provide you with a talented team to help you get your job done more effectively.

What use is a LSP for HR?

  • Translation: From weighty contracts, procedural documents and handbooks to single page work permits, identity checks and references, managing overseas staff can be a bit of a headache. We can translate documents from basic Word/pdf and handwritten statements, and can even help you to create stunning international brochures using our many years of Desktop Publishing expertise.
  • Language testing and cultural suitability: John Smith tells you that he is proficient in Swahili and his technical expertise lies in mineral mining. He sounds perfect for your new role, but how do you check? Prestige has become a favoured partner for several large recruiters both in the UK and abroad, and we can conduct interviews in other languages and offer language proficiency testing and assessment in whatever language you require, wherever you need it.
  • Media translation: You’ve created your Elearning , training packages and apps, and now wish to maximise your ROI and roll them out to your global network. Send us your files and we can translate them, add subtitles and even create voiceovers in a myriad of languages. If you need a double-check on their appropriateness and transportability for other cultures, we can advise on that too.
  • Global event support: It often falls to you to arrange the event- President’s Club, international recruitment fairs, technical exhibitions and product launch conferences to name a few examples, but you don’t always have access to the right support crew. From multilingual hosts, welcome staff and interpreters, to video recording and associated technologies provision, you can pick and choose from our complete event-service menu.
  • When you need the spoken word transcribed, either translated first or in a single language, and from and to a range of formats, you can choose from transcription or even just copytyping. If you need secure transcription, we have a secure locked-room environment too so you know that your conversations will stay private. It’s a really useful service for getting those disciplinaries and difficult conversations wrapped up faster and off your to-do list.

As you can see, we have a whole toolbox available for you and your HR team to call upon. Use us for a single job, or set up a longer term contract with us (which brings its own time and cost savings).

If you can’t find the service that you’re looking for, or would like to find out more, give us a call on 01635 866 888 or email and we’ll do our very best to help you.