Meet Some of the Family

We’ve tried to create a working environment where people are challenged, stimulated and stretched and we think it shows!

Our team could be as big as 850 people per month working in different areas of the world, however we share a common purpose: to bring excellent service!

Meryem Munro

Meryem is Head of Commercial and has a degree from the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul with an MA in Librarianship. She’s been with us for over a decade and her team are the first point of contact for corporate and commercial clients.

Dawn Wall
Dawn Wall

Dawn is Head of Translation and has a degree in French and German, with an MA in Translation Studies. She and her team handle over 1,700 complex projects a year for clients ranging from F1 teams, City banks, law firms, universities and more.

Lorraine Brown

Lorraine has been with Prestige Network for over four years. She is our Office Manager and keeps us all in check. 

Jackie Benn

Jackie returned to the Prestige Network team as Senior Business Development Manager in September 2017.

Vadim Cotorobai

Vadim is part of our IT Team, assisting in the day to day support in-house. Vadim has a background in web marketing and logistics, and was volunteer event organiser for a hospice in his home country Moldova. Vadim adds a sparkle to our day where there are no problems, just IT solutions.

Carmen Fontecha Garcia

Carmen is an experienced Translation Project Manager and she manages translation projects for our large array of clients. Carmen has a BA in Translation and Interpreting and she specialised in New Translation Technologies applied to Translation at the Jaume I University, Castellon, Spain.