The Hidden Benefits of the Translation Process…

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…and how it can help your international growth

In international trade, there’s quite literally a world of opportunity out there – it’s a simply a question of how you embrace the global marketplace that’s already there.

Whether you sell products or services, there’s a strong chance that someone outside your country will be interested in buying. Most businesses don’t sell only to their neighbours or restrict marketing to whichever town or city they’re in; why let national borders be a barrier to expansion and more than a different postcode?

With increasing connectivity among most of the world, if you can be found then people will find you. At Prestige Network, for example, our website generated an enquiry from Rwanda only last week. Imagine that even 30 years ago. Now it’s a commonplace occurrence.

It’s pretty widley quoted statistic among translation companies that 60% of people prefer buying from sites in their own language – even if you take these sort of numbers with a pinch of salt, it’s clear that there’s something to it.

As well as appealing directly to the people who matter, once you start on the process to translating material into a new language there are several peripheral benefits that you’ll find along the way. Here are some that you might not have considered.

1) You’ll develop real understanding of new marketplaces

A consultative translation company will have experience of the best way to improve your chances in a new market – their experience won’t be limited to just translating words on the page, they should be able to advise on how to get the most out of your investment. Once you’ve started you’ll also develop your own insight rapidly.

2) You get to know your potential customers

Similar to the knowledge of expanding into new markets, a good translation agency will have insight into the culture target culture. This is often a key part of what’s called localization – essentially the process of ensuring that your content isn’t just a word-for-word translation, but it really connects with the audience. Soon enough you’ll have plenty of feedback and become an expert in every market you enter.

3) You can find fresh opportunities all the time

Once your in a new marketplace, you’ll see new opportunities everywhere. Even before you launch in a location, preparatory work such as multilingual keyword research will show you what’s really going on in a market. As soon as you’ve dipped your toe in the water, brand new ideas will present themselves all the time.

Of course, there are plenty more hidden benefits to translation that will boost your growth – we’ll let you find them out once you’re on the way. Alternatively, get in touch and we can share them with you now.