Wear a mask. Get over the communication block.

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I’ve been wearing a mask now for weeks when I venture out to do my supermarket shopping, and it hasn’t really interfered too much with communication so far which has been limited to ‘hello’ , ‘how are you’ and ‘thank you, stay safe’.

But now that we are being encouraged to wear them in more places, or return physically to work, we will need to speak with other people through layers of fabric. I’ve already learnt that a proper conversation through a mask is more successful when you speak up and speak more slowly, but it’s not always clear what you’re saying.

The visual cues are gone, the sound is muffled. Unless of course you wear it as a neck-beard!

Better communication throughout Covid

BSL interpreters

We’ve all seen the news, and on the daily briefings from Scotland, it’s been really encouraging to see right from the start, inclusivity with the BSL interpreter visible to help the hearing impaired keep up to date. Face masks make it harder for those who struggle to hear or who rely on lip-reading to communicate, so if you have customers or clients whose lives you can make easier, consider contacting us for a BSL interpreter.

Translate your information

If you’ve got instructions, print them out. If you have customers who speak a different first language, translate the instructions for them. Make it easy. See examples of our Covid posters and find out more about translating your website, leaflets and other collateral.

Still finding it easier to work at a distance?

No need to wear a mask at home, but you may need to communicate with international colleagues and associates. Stick to your Zoom or Team meetings, but add in a telephone or video interpreter so there’s no misunderstanding.

More info

However you are adapting, we have the people and tools to keep your communication lines open and clear. Give us a call on 01635 866 888 and see how we can help.