Four Ways to Ensure Success at International Events & Conferences

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As an event organiser, you’ll be familiar with the challenges presented when planning events and conferences. When the challenge includes delivering to an international audience, it’s vital that you have a reliable, pro-active partner who will deliver the right solution leading up to and on the day. With no slip-ups.

That’s exactly what Prestige Network do.

With over 25 years of experience in preparing and managing the language challenges of international events, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you avoid some of the biggest obstacles, so read on for some handy advice.

1. Keep communication front and centre of your plans

When planning an event, the need to communicate effectively with your international audience is a vital consideration; the whole purpose of any event is to facilitate communication in a convenient location, so if languages become a barrier, that’s a fundamental failure.

By commissioning the localisation of your pre- and post-event marketing through Prestige Network, you’ll benefit from economies of scale, and ensure consistency across all event communications.

2. Leave plenty of time to prepare for your event

This is an obvious one and, while we’re not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, you might be surprised at the number of urgent last minute requests we get for interpreting at events.

It can be because of last minute changes to the attendees or a failure by another language services provider, but there’s always the chance that languages simply haven’t been considered.

While we’re often able to help at the eleventh hour, it’s still often easier for event organisers to have everything lined up well in advance.

3. Consider the types of written material to translate

While interpreters are one of the main considerations for an international event audience, there’s often a lot of written material that needs to be translated too.

Examples include: event promotions; invitations; digital marketing assets; website content; literature; video/PowerPoint presentations; localised display graphics; and surveys.

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4. Look at a single-source solution

When you’re starting to plan an international event, there’s plenty to think about, and that’s even before you’ve considered how to deal with the potential for an audience that might speak many different languages.

Logistically, you might need some or all of: professional event and conference interpreters; static sound systems; interpreter equipment; mobile tour guide systems; on-site management; and technical support. That’s a lot of planning.

Whether you’re working alone on an event or on a team, managing all of these is challenging when you’re relying on in-house resources. That’s why a single-source solution, such as that offered by Prestige network, provides the professional support you need to guarantee a successful event. Large or small, UK or international, on land or on sea, we can demonstrate our expertise in providing the organisational skills and the linguistic and technological support that you will need.

Case study: At sea with Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew had chosen a unique conference venue for launching a major international sales conference – Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas.

The challenge was to facilitate parallel-working in the four designated European languages, alongside the teams authoring the English language presentations.

By working with drafts and then reworking as they were harmonised into the finished presentations, the short lead-times were met.

While this took place, interpreters were sourced, selected and verified. The venue was audited for technical compatibility, and the logistics involved in supporting the week-long event were finalised.

Transport of the bulky interpreter equipment, sound and video systems, along with the engineering team from London to Nice was arranged, with fuss-free set up being completed as the 500 delegates boarded the ship.

Our management team took care of every aspect of the planning and implementation, remaining on-board throughout the week-long event, ensuring that the interpreting support was in place for each of the key conferences and for the break-out groups.

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