Digital Asset Management: The Benefits

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Efficient management of your digital assets is an important factor when localising.

To support the entire proofing, revision and approvals process for single or multiple language assets, Prestige Network provide a secure platform where work-in-progress and archived files can be safely maintained.

Enabling your markets to participate
Many organisations encourage their local markets to engage in the approvals process and the provision of an asset management system, wherein the status of each item of collateral can be instantly assessed, changes advised and versions controlled has immense value.

It’s easy
We employ an easy-to-use, customisable system that allows users to view artworks in PDF form, with straightforward tools for adding comments, giving instructions and setting proofing status.

Versions are automatically saved – so no confusion as to which file is work-inprogress or an approved version. Designated users within a workgroup are automatically notified when files are
uploaded/downloaded or changes made online.

Project scheduling and management is supported by real-time activity reporting.

The system provides granular access control, ensuring that only those with the those with the relevant rights can view or change assets on the system.

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