countdown to brexit - which language services do you need?

94 Days and Counting Down

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With 94 days to Brexit, the British Chamber of Commerce tell us that only half of UK companies who trade internationally have considered the effect of Brexit on their business.

We don’t think any organisation is simply hunkering down and hoping it will go away. Indeed, it’s likely that most are preparing carefully for a changed global trading landscape.

But visualise a new corporate world with new competitors, a world where you’ll need to meet new challenges if you are to succeed.

Challenges that shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s explore your challenges each week – and how to resolve them

We’ll look at communicating with your existing – but changing – EU marketplaces and engaging with emerging opportunities that Brexit will bring.

Brexit impacts on so many aspects of doing business across borders, here are a few:

  • Legal needs
  • Human resources
  • Training and motivation
  • Partners and distributors
  • Quality management
  • Marketing & advertising

These are probably just the tip of the iceberg, but what’s common to all is that very often you’ll be converting your business documentation, your legal and marketing, and many other assets into new languages. You’ll also be exchanging business information in new languages.

This week, we’ll take a look at your legal, human resource and training needs.

First prioritise your business needs

Localising Objectives
Consider whether you want your collateral translated quickly and at minimum cost, but still accurately, or would you prefer your own language and branding carefully reflected and culturally adjusted?

And then find a translation company that can help you fulfil every one of your objectives – to perfection.

Legal, contractual, financial and human resources
A completely different discipline and one that needs specialist resources. You’ll need a Certified translator for critical legal documents or a machine translation service for gaining a quick understanding of larger bundles.

How about a fast transcription service, with video or telephone interpreters to support business meetings and interviews?

Online training, learning and motivation
A combination of remote working and the need to expand into new territories, is creating a growing need for online training, learning and motivational programmes. Brexit will create new demands to keep your teams connected, updated and motivated.

A top-flight translation company will be able to localise your programmes quickly and efficiently for any global market.

And in case you were wondering – yes, it’s exactly what we do.

The DIY approach

Of course, you can do all of this yourself. Find people who understand and write the languages you need, and who have web and DTP skills. Get them to translate all the collateral. Then QC it. Check it again. Mmm. Was that a good use of your time and did you get the results you hoped for? In fact, you’ve probably already tried this to some extent and were disappointed.

Alternatively, use a language service provider who has all these skills. Our toolbox includes experienced native translators with sector-specific knowledge, DTP tools, localisation tools, website connectors, AI enhanced Machine Translation tools and experienced translation project managers, all while conforming to ISO 9001 guaranteeing end-product quality and your information’s safety (we are ISO 27001 accredited).

Give us a call on 01635 866 888 or email for a no-obligation chat or for more information, and get growing while your competitors sleep.