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A conversation with one of our interpreters

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Jolanta is one of our Prestige Polish Interpreters and she can often be found at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. She has shared with us her thoughts about working with us.

“Here is my picture from the Maternity Theatre at The Royal Berkshire Hospital. Minutes after taking this picture a new baby was born, I heard it crying. It was really sweet. I did not assist with the birth of the baby. I was waiting for ‘my’ patient’s operation to finish and just by coincidence I heard the baby crying as it was born, and voices of joy and reassurance from the theatre. I must say, it was a sign of hope.”

How long have you worked with Prestige Network?
11 years with a 4-year maternity break of my own.

What’s the best part of being a freelance interpreter?
I love meeting people and helping them communicate. Being an interpreter is an endless learning opportunity. You not only learn to speak English better but you also get a lot of knowledge about the field you work in. In addition to that, I am studying for the DPSI Law exam.

Have you worked for other agencies and if so, why are you with us now?
I have only worked with Prestige Network, and I am happy with that. It is very good that we have seen more HQ faces behind the voices recently [with our Zoom calls during Lockdown]. It has become more human, there is space for sharing interpreters’ ideas. We, interpreters, are usually ‘soloists’ but we need peer support as this work can affect us in many ways, especially when you deal with life and death issues. This job carries huge responsibilities and requires constant improvement of skills.

What kind of jobs do you do for Prestige? (pre and post-Covid world)
Mostly I do medical interpreting at hospitals and sometimes for local government such as for Children’s Services. Post-Covid, many social care jobs moved to phone or video conferences but more and more health assignments are slowly going back to face-to-face.

How flexible is being a freelance interpreter?
Flexibility of being a freelancer is a great advantage. I can plan my holiday whenever I want or fit my other commitments around interpreting. I am also a freelance journalist writing about culture, lifestyle and faith for Polish publications.

How do you receive your jobs from Prestige Network?
I am getting my jobs through the Portal.

At Prestige Network we are always open to expanding our freelance team and constantly looking for talented people to join us.

To apply for roles as a freelance employee or in our Head Office in Newbury, Berks, please contact us here.