Building A New Community Based On Partnership

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The way of conducting business and indeed our whole lives is evolving. Coronavirus is seeing to that, but some of what is happening is actually pretty positive.

3/4 million people have signed up for volunteering for the NHS in just a few days. There’s a lot of goodwill out there.

People are also drifting back to the local shops and supporting them, not least because they are offering a different service to the large players; and one that is based on proximity, availability and personal service, and not solely on price.

Building a better community
At Prestige Network, we have been overwhelmed by the kind messages from many of our clients, thanking us for our interpreters, translators and transcribers: their availability, adaptability and professionalism.

We too thank our staff and our customers, with whom we are privileged to have ongoing partnership and long-term relationships.

Times are changing, fast. And that’s how we roll. As clients have adapted to remote working, necessitating telephone interpreting instead of face to face, and increasing their global reach in new markets, we have been asked to provide new language services for them.

Fortunately our many years of expertise in the language services sector and our breadth of experience in the public sector and industries from healthcare and pharmaceutical, to retail, legal and technology gives us the edge and allows us to provide the extra service and added value that distinguishes Prestige Network from the other providers who compete on price alone.

Just one of the comments we received this week:
Thank you all for your hard work in helping us maintain the most efficient service we can, to our members in relation to their transcribing requests 😊. It isn’t the easiest time – people are worrying about all manner of things at work and in their home lives, however the dedication we receive from yourselves should be acknowledged so :-
A huge thank you for being you and helping make our jobs little easier with the free flow of transcripts arriving daily.

We’re in this for the long term, and building our relationships and community along the way. Ask us how can we help you too.

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