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Business Continuity, we were ready

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While many organisations have been scrambling around trying to find and implement solutions for remote working, the Head Office team at Prestige Network were already working efficiently and safely from home. We have invested significantly over this last year in our Business Continuity Plan, to ensure that our technology and security was up to scratch and that the business could continue whatever was thrown at us. And who could have quite foreseen the current COVID-19 situation?

Prestige Network online video conferencing

As part of our work towards ISO 27001 accreditation, we were already sitting pretty, and it was simply a case of leaving the office one evening with our laptops, and working next morning from home, with no visible business interruption.

Our business continuity model means that we have three levels of alert status: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

  • Alpha is temporary unavailability of head office and an unknown incident which puts the company onto a Business Continuity footing.
  • Bravo is a known incident with head office being unavailable requiring temporary new office space.
  • Charlie was written to deal with the pandemic and requires everyone to stay at home.

Alert-Charlie was initiated, and we were ready within 24 hours!

Even before the lockdown deadline, the process appeared seamless, which is testament to the hard work of our dedicated IT and Operations teams.

There were a lot of IT changes happening in the background, mainly to do with our high levels of security, which means that our clients can rely on the integrity and security of the information that they are sharing with us for translation, interpreting and transcription.

Last week we had a team meeting by video, and it was great to see some of our team again, if a little surreal. Needless to say, it prompted several discussions around wallpaper, who supported which football team and who had good taste in interior design, and if anything, that’s brought us all even closer together.

Naturally, we are working as hard as ever to ensure that our assignments are fulfilled, and also adapting effortlessly to the ever-changing requirements of the interpreting market, for example, a huge uplift in telephone interpreting.

More info

You can find out about our new telephone interpreting app, or how telephone interpreting and transcription can help your organisation achieve its own business continuity plan in this period of flux.