Birkbeck College (University of London) partners with Prestige Network

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University and Higher Education establishments are increasingly finding the need for translators and interpreters, as more and more students, staff and funding are coming from abroad.

Prestige Network has recently signed a two-year contract with Birkbeck College, part of the University of London, to provide a completely managed service for all their translation and interpreting requirements.

The College will benefit from a dedicated account manager, project manager and the cost and efficiency savings that occur as part of a managed full-language service. With confidentiality, quality and accountability delivered as standard, it’s no surprise that educational institutions, universities, colleges and academies are turning to Prestige Network.

Birkbeck College’s language projects

  • Translation – Our very first project involves Birkbeck College’s HR-related documents, which need translating from English into Spanish and Portuguese. From policies and online forms to recruitment information and job specifications, there’s quite a lot to work on.
  • Interpreting – Prestige Network will be providing Spanish and Portuguese interpreters to interpret from English into their native languages during a large training event at the College in January.

As part of our agreement, we will also deliver transcription services to Birkbeck College (transferring audio into type); useful for a wide range of tasks, not least, for transcribing interviews for research programmes into documents which can then be easily edited and incorporated into dissertations, theses and articles for publication.

Higher education has a wide range of needs, not just for translators and interpreters, but also transcribers.


“What accessibility services are useful for Higher Education establishments and Universities?”

Accessibility is important to Universities, and when Birkbeck College has a need for sign language, they can also access a BSL interpreter through their contract with Prestige Network.

“What do Universities use translators and interpreters for?”

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If your school, college or university is looking for translation, interpreting, transcription or a fully managed language service, do get in touch for a quote or more information.