Behind The Scenes: Innovation Time

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We’re about halfway through a major infrastructure upgrade which will be a stepping stone to some really exciting innovations. Rather than keep it quiet for weeks, we wanted to share with you two of our current ideas.

Reducing Cancellation Impact

Anything can happen, from illness to traffic accidents to public transport cancellations. As part of a drive to minimise both the volume and impact of any last-minute interpreter cancellations, we are setting up a trial process whereby we could arrange for two interpreters in cases where a cancellation would have a major impact on service provision and/or costs. This would mean, for instance, that complex surgical procedures need not be cancelled in case of a no-show from an interpreter. Our operations team will work with you to identify high-priority & high-impact appointments to further increase the quality of service provision.

Triaging recruitment

In an unregulated industry we are taking steps to provide clear markers of quality through innovation in recruitment, training and development of our linguists. A new three-point standard, measured on qualifications, level of experience, security clearances and sector specialisms provides a standardised, comparable level that gives our operations team an instant classification model that can be used in conjunction with the data described above on nature of appointments.

This will not only provide a high level of customer confidence but also encourage linguists to take ownership of their own professional development in order to secure the next level of certification and thus open themselves up to more complex jobs/greater opportunities.


On The Importance Of Communication – our ideas on how to improve our service might be good, but client feedback is invaluable. Contact us on or 01635 866 888 – we’d very much like to hear from you.