The BBC Share “What would the UK be like without immigration?”

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The BBC have shared an animated video showing what the economy and the society of the UK could look like without immigrants.

Whatever your feelings about immigration, it is undeniable that it has a large and important impact on our communities and economy, and major changes will be felt far and wide across all sections of our lives.

The key points it raises are:

  • Roughly 1/7 people living in the UK were born abroad
  • More than a third of babies born in the UK have at least one parent from abroad
  • Decline in immigration would have a major impact on staff in the NHS and caring professions
  • More than half of research staff in science and engineering subjects in universities are from abroad
  • Demographics would change with more older people, less workers and children
  • Immigrants pay more into taxes than they take and immigration has made the UK a richer economy

View the Video and Article.

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