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2020 Vision – Opportunities for Exporters

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Christmas is over, the British public have decided our political future, and it’s a brand new year; a time to start making plans, pursuing opportunities and promoting growth for your organisation.

With Brexit finally on the horizon, it’s imperative for exporters who have not fixed their plans to focus on their new markets. Waiting much longer will leave them at risk of being so far behind their competitors that they will struggle to breach these new markets and perhaps even lose market share at home.

You may not be ready to be the next Amazon, but you certainly don’t want to be the also-ran.

What are the opportunities for Exporters?
China is opening up and is a huge market if you can find your entry point. Mandarin and Cantonese are two languages we are often called upon by exporters for translation and interpreters.

The EU remains the UK’s largest importer, and is still eager to buy UK exports. As close neighbours and sharing recent history, we understand the European markets and cultures very well. With these historic ties and our products already adhering to safety and EU standards, we are well placed to continue. It remains quicker to travel to parts of Europe than parts of the UK, so service providers should look across the Channel too.

North America is one of the world’s largest spenders and her appetite for consuming products appears to know no bounds. While we speak the same language (though some may beg to differ!), many of the US states require information in dual languages (Spanish and US English) and that’s a really simple fix. We have just completed a monumental dual language project for one such customer.

Further afield, growing populations in less advanced countries offer business opportunities, particularly if you are prepared to have your company collateral translated into some of the world’s more-exotic languages. With over 200 languages in our toolbox at your disposal, the world’s your oyster.

Quick wins for exporting across the world

Many on-the-ball UK exporters have already created shadow facilities across Europe to safeguard these markets. From this position, it’s not too much of a step to expand these markets further.

Using an integrated services provider such as Prestige Network for all your translation and interpreting requirements, will save you time and effort. Your own Project Manager and Account Manager streamline your ability to keep track of your projects and you will benefit from all our expertise at your fingertips.

For large-scale translation, ideal for product catalogues or technical manuals, a fast and cost-effective solution is machine translation.

Brand communications with nuanced language and highly personalised tone of voice can be translated creatively by our linguistic experts.

What can we translate for Exporters?

Product collateral:
Brochures and information data sheets
E-commerce / FBA listings and websites
• Instruction manuals
• Packaging
• Advertising and promotional campaigns
Paid search campaigns
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• Staff training collaterals
• Motivational campaigns
• Franchise support
• Financial documents
• Tenders
HR, supplier and customer contracts
• Terms and Conditions
Mergers and Acquisitions
• Property leases
International event planning
Interpreters for meetings, conferences and interviews
Literature designed and translated
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Find out more

If all this feels a little daunting, we’re happy to hold your hand. We’ve done it all before, and for some large household names too, as well as private and public sector organisations. Don’t be put off by something that you haven’t got the experience in; we already have the expertise to be a great partner and a huge asset for your business.

So give us a call on 01635 866888 or email us at and find out how we can help you to increase your exports.

Start the new year with 2020 vision and an exciting plan.

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