Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Multilingual Desktop publishing is typically one of the last phases in a translation or localisation project and involves using the source language document to reproduce the layout in the target language(s) while performing all the necessary technical and cultural adaptations. The ultimate goal of desktop publishing is to deliver a document that looks as if it was originally created in the target language.

Most translations require some form of desktop publishing or formatting to ensure that the final product’s appearance is as similar to the original document as possible. Desktop publishing plays a vital role in ensuring that the translated text fits the original layout and graphic design for documents with heavy graphics and a complex design layout. Otherwise, the final product, while translated correctly, could look unprofessional.

Content that usually needs Desktop Publishing:
  • Technical Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Website content
  • Advertisements
  • Reports and Publications
We usually offer our desktop publishing services as part of the complete translation process. However, if you intend to complete the desktop publishing in-house, we can also arrange for the translation to be provided in a manner suited for your needs, i.e. as a bi-lingual table with the source text placed alongside its translated equivalent so your design team can extract the text accordingly.

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