Life Sciences

Medical translation

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Whether you work within the Public Sector, conduct clinical trials or manufacture medical equipment, Prestige Network is available to help you. Prestige Network has extensive experience providing life sciences and medical translations by specialist medical translators who are skilled at translating highly specific medical terminology. Qualified translators in their native language, they have the knowledge and expertise to translate specialised medical terminology and experience in dealing with sensitive and confidential material.

Case Study Interpreting Health With Royal Berkshire 

Our medical translation services cover diverse material including:

  • Patient records and medical charts
  • Hospital discharge notes
  • Doctor’s / Expert reports
  • Drug trials
  • Regulatory documents
  • Medical journals
  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Public information booklets
  • Public notice posters

Medical translation requires complete attention to detail, UK healthcare sector and subject matter expertise, as well as compliance with privacy laws and regulatory guidelines. Prestige Network works only with professional translators with a medical background and native fluency in the target language.

Translations can be made from English to any other language and vice versa. All medical translations are handled in the strictest confidence.